Pencil drawings by Louisiana Artist Keith LaCour




                                                       ABOUT THE ARTIST

I first became interested in drawing at the age of 6. I was born in the early 1980's and since the age of 15 I have been professionally showing my work all over Louisiana with an average of about 10 shows and exhibits a year. I am self-taught and have never had any formal lessons in art.

      I have always been fascinated with architecture and the beauty of old historical buildings and homes. Before starting a drawing I will visit the site and take multiple photos from all different angles. From these photos that have been taken I will begin my pencil drawings. Most projects take about 8 to 10 days to complete. Many hours are spent on rough sketches with the use of rulers and geometry to make each drawing very precise right down to the last detail. My original sketches range from 11 X 14 to 18 X 24 in size. My artwork is also reproduced as prints, notecards, and calendars.

      Over the years I have been commissioned to draw artwork for historical sites, festival posters, special businesses, carnivals, and private homes around the United States.

Thank you,

Keith LaCour